Client Recommendations

Client Recommendations
Larry Jr., Larry Sr. and all of the staff at Atterberry Auction & Realty Co.,
   I cannot thank each and everyone one of you enough for all you have done for me. It was not the easiest decision to put my property up for auction, but I will say, it was the best decision! I was a bit crunched for time, but that didn’t stop you from getting right to work on a fantastic marketing agenda nor did you at any time try to persuade me to go against my own thoughts and desires. During the weeks ahead, you answered each and every question and shared ways to improve the showing of my home. It was heartwarming to watch you and the enjoyment you displayed in showing my home and acreage. Friends advised me to be cautious about auctioning my property because you never know how it will go or what you will get. But, from start to finish, I was determined to sell! You were determined to do your utmost to give me the best possible auction and you DID! You were always there. When I was nervous, you reassured me. When I was anxious, you knew what to say to calm my nerves. When in doubt, you built me up. 
   For me, there were three figures I had in mind. First, the reserve amount; second, the amount I would settle for and third, the amount I wanted. I was elated to get the third number which was the amount I wanted.  I have NO regrets for the path I chose. I am extremely grateful that I chose Atterberry Auction and Realty Co. LLC. I’m sure you are not surprised to hear me say this, but I have already recommended you to others with much enthusiasm.
   Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for what you accomplished.  Keep up the good work, and I am confident you will succeed in helping others the same as you did for me. 

You have my deepest respect,

Sylvia Franks 
Dear Larry:           
   While I’ve known you for many years, I need to reiterate how much I value your professional services when seeking an experienced auctioneer/realtor for trust-held properties. As a fiduciary, I’m often responsible for handling all aspects of selling client properties. You continually provide me the expertise and assistance in not only preparing the properties for sale, but also for doing the due-diligence in researching property history, and then at the sale, obtaining the best price possible for that property.
   I’m impressed with how you take pride in maintaining strict confidentiality with information you are given. Your personal demeanor is refreshing and inspiring! I have worked with a lot of service providers over the past 19 years of serving this community and I can tell you that you are at the top the list with your attention to detail and caring attitude. Your passion for connecting with people is evident, and I thank you for that.
    Larry, my hat is off to you and the other Atterberry associates for the wonderful service your company has provided over the past 42 years. I very much look forward to continue working with you in the future.
Dear Larry,  
   The Atterberry Auction & Realty Co. is a family-based company whose members and staff are committed to helping their customers make transitions easier when it’s not simple deciding the right thing to do next.
   Their attention to detail and caring, personal service are remarkable. The Atterberry team was well organized and professional but always personal in helping us prepare for personal property and real estate auctions that were smoothly and efficiently conducted. They also attended promptly to any questions or concerns that arose - from start to finish, from initial conversation to tying up all loose ends after the auctions.
   We would recommend their services without reservation.

Ernie Falloon
Sandy Falloon